CCU Past President Joanie Cameron Pritchett asks:
“What Does Fairness Mean?”… to kids

For decades, labour unions have struggled for the rights of working people in Canada and around the world, and have fought for higher wages, better working conditions, superior health and safety standards, stronger pensions and workplaces free from harassment and discrimination. In other words, they fought for FAIRNESS.

The Canadian Labour Congress holds a video contest every year called The One Minute Message, which highlights how unions stand up for fairness, social justice and a better life for workers.

For this video submission, CCU past President Joanie Cameron Pritchett asks what fairness really means, but this time, to kids. The video was edited by Sean Cain.

There are now five finalists, and you can vote online for your favourite. So go to the One Minute Video Message website, click on Joanie’s video and vote today!

Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers Local 2 Joins CCU


Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers Local 2, based in Crofton, British Columbia, has just voted to join the Confederation of Canadian Unions. PPWC Local 2 represents 431 hard working men and women at Catalyst Paper Crofton Division.

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Tim Hudak’s Economics Aimed at Turning Ontario into a Giant Wal-Mart


Tim Hudak, leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, spent time as a Wal-Mart manager before entering provincial politics. It appears from Hudak’s economic platform that although he no longer works at a Wal-Mart store, he most certainly intends to run the province like one.

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The CCU Family Just Got Bigger

CCU---CMAW-Logo-Home-PageThe Confederation of Canadian Unions is very pleased to announce that the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers (CMAW), which includes over 7,000 workers in a multitude of industries British Columbia, has joined our organization.

It is a proudly democratic and independent union dedicated to workers’ rights and social justice. It will feel very much at home in the CCU, and strongly add to the fabric of our association. We are very excited to welcome this new affiliate to the CCU/CSC and we are enthusiastic for additional growth and change in the coming months.

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