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Fair Taxes, Fair Prices for Canadian Workers

Fair-Taxes,-Fair-Prices-CCU-Home-PageThe COVID pandemic has clearly illustrated how broken Canada’s mental health care system is. After two years of social and economic disruption, people of all ages are struggling with depression, stress and anxiety at unimaginable levels. Each of us are trying our best to cope with loneliness, loss and grief.

The twin failures of rising inequality and galloping inflation are reducing real incomes and living standards for wage earners and working people in Canada and around the world. Corporate profits in North America are reaching levels never seen before in recorded history, and working families and consumers are literally paying the price. Yet to fight inflation, governments are choosing to raise interest rates, which will only slow down economic growth, increase levels of unemployment, personal and public debt, and make income and wealth inequality even worse than it already is.

To fight both inflation and economic inequality, the best policy choice is creating a system of progressive taxation, where the very wealthy and powerful pay their fair share. This includes eliminating tax havens for Canada’s financial and corporate elite, which cost the government tens of billions of dollars each year, instituting a wealth tax on multi-millionaires and billionaires, creating windfall taxes on excess corporate profits, and returning corporate taxes and income taxes on the top 5% of income earners to where they were in the early 2000s.

Also, the federal government should end price gouging and corporate profiteering by big monopolies in the gas, banking, energy, resource and other sectors, and ensure that profit levels remain at traditional levels so that working people can better afford the basics like gas, rent and food.

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The 47-minute documentary, called The Voice for Independent Unions in Canada, illustrates the CCU's dedication to the establishment of a democratic, independent labour movement, its newfound working relationship with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), and its commitment to growth and renewal. The documentary also focuses on the struggles of labour activists inside the CCU, its proud history, its work with social justice activists in Canada and around the globe, and the new economic challenges of wage stagnation and growing inequality.
The documentary will be submitted to over 50 film and documentary festivals in Canada and around the world in 2014 and 2015, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto Hot Docs Festival. Be sure to watch the documentary in full screen and High Definition. Click on the little wheel in the bottom right corner of the video to the left of the YouTube icon, and then press 1080p HD. For full screen, simply press the little square to the right of the YouTube icon. Director and Editor: Sean Cain Executive Producer: Joanie Cameron Pritchett